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Research Ethics Committee at the University of Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth's Research Ethics Committee assesses ethical and legal aspects of the research on human beings and animals carried out at the University of Bayreuth. The committee supports researchers  by providing specialized consulting. The members of the Research Ethics Committee contribute in this capacity on a volunteer basis.

Committee members

The chairman of the Research Ethics Committee is Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus Nagels. The deputy chairman is Prof. Dr. Nina Nestler. The remaining committee members are:

  • Prof. Dr. Ruth Freitag
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Grünberger
  • Prof. Dr. Olivier Roy
  • Prof. Dr. Benedikt Westermann
  • Prof. Dr. Birgitta Wöhrl

The committee's duties are laid out in its Regulations and Rules of Procedure (dated 20.08.2016), as amended.

Guide to submitting requests

What are the key points to be observed when submitting a request?Hide
  • Please fill out the request form as a PDF or Word document to submit a request.
  • The request is to be submitted to the University Governing Board in German or English.
  • All documents (request form, report, information on subjects/test persons and authorization, etc.) are to be enclosed.
  • The request is to be submitted in paper form and as a PDF file together with all other documents (please don't forget to sign). Please try to keep the file size as low as possible.
  • The request is to include a statement on any requests submitted elsewhere with comparable content.
  • If the same request has been submitted to a different ethics committee or received a negative decision, the committee may refuse to address the request.
Which documents should be included with the request? Hide
  • study report (test plan based on the current state of science - in German) containing the basis and rationale of the study, hypothesis and objectives, study population, timeline of the study, methods of investigation, risks and side effects, study-related intervention, goal criteria, statistical considerations such as sample size estimate, data protection, insurance (if applicable), bibliography
  • information on subjects/test persons and authorization (for those not able to provide their consent, this is accomplished via a legal representative;  for minors able to make a decision, the relevant explanation and consent framed in child-appropriate language for the child) with the letterhead of the institution, a data protection passage and consent relating to data protection law
  • a copy of the insurance policy or rationale of why insurance was not deemed necessary
  • written consent from the relevant director of the institute or scientific institution
  • if applicable, the questionnaires are to be presented
Who is eligible to submit a request? Hide
  • Any member of the University of Bayreuth may submit a request.
  • The applicant is to be the researcher who will be carrying out the research activity on site and who bears direct responsibility for the subjects or test persons.
  • If doctoral research is involved, the supervisor must submit a request for the planned activities.
What are the most important dates and deadlines? Hide

To ensure requests are processed as quickly as possible, they should - if possible - be submitted at the start of the semester.

Animal protection in research

The University of Bayreuth takes the issue of animal protection seriously. Our scientists and staff members handle animals responsibly, as living beings, and are committed to animal protection. They also acquire the proper authorization, which involves either reporting or approval with regulatory control.. ...more


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