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Diversity at the University of Bayreuth: part of our culture!

“Our campus provides a setting for life in all its diversity – people take centre stage, regardless of their skin colour, origin, gender identity, religion, or worldview.”

That is what the University of Bayreuth’s new mission statement says. This motto is related to a basic attitude of valuing the diversity and originality of our students along with our scientific and non-academic staff as enriching our lively and innovative campus culture.

It is hoped that our vision of a diverse university will provide the best possible way to ensure the following for all members of the university:

  • Individual chances for participation, training, development, and a career,
  • fostering the individual work-life balance for each student and employee,
  • forging ahead with gender equality, inclusion, and family-friendliness,
  • creating a climate of tolerance and respect at all levels of our communication and interaction,
  • effectively addressing all forms of individual and structural disadvantages and discrimination.

A binding formulation of this vision was included in the University of Bayreuth’s Strategy and Development Plan (StEP 2025). Feel free to contact our Diversity Advisor or the Diversity Service Point.

Dimensions of Diversity

Equal Opportunities – Gender Equality – Advancement of Women

Wissenschaftlerin an der Universität Bayreuth.

We promote equal opportunities in research, teaching, and learning, and we are increasing the number of women in leadership positions. Our equal opportunities policy enables us to pursue the objective of creating a university culture in which gender equality is understood as an element of leadership responsibility and as a collective learning process.

The key players are the Women’s Representative of the University, the Presidential Advisory Committee for Equal Opportunities & Diversity, the Equal Opportunities Department, the Women’s Representatives of the faculties, and the Equal Opportunities Advisor for Non-Academic Staff.

Health – Illness – Addiction

Saftige Melonen mit gelbem Fruchtfleisch.

We are creating an environment that has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of all students and employees. To enable a health-promoting style of life, work, and study, we are especially interested in sustainable measures for sensitizing all members of the University to the topics of health and well-being.

The key players are the Committee for a Healthy University, the University’s Health Management Office, the Department of Safety at Work, the University Medical Officer, the Commissioner for Occupational Reintegration, the Psychological Counsellors for Students, the Commissioner for the Prevention of Addiction, becks, and University Sport.

Inclusion – Accessibility – Disability

Auszug aus dem Wörterbuch zum Begriff "Inklusion".

Inclusion means that every person has the opportunity to participate in society on their own and to the fullest. Our structural, construction, media, and communication measures are creating an environment that provides ideal conditions for persons with disabilities or chronic illnesses to work and study. 

The key players are the Office of the Commissioner for Disabled Students & Students with Chronic Illnesses (becks), the Ombudsman for Disabled Employees, and the Bavarian Research and Information Centre for Higher Education Institutions and Cultural Centres (BayFinK).

Career Prospects and Educational Justice

Zwei Studentinnen lernen im Hörsaal des RW-Gebäudes der Universität Bayreuth.

“We provide lecturers, students, and staff with the freedom to reach their full potential. (…) We promote talent, encourage success, and ensure equal opportunities based on the individual’s abilities.” (from the University of Bayreuth’s Mission Statement)

The key players are the Student Advising Office, die Social Counselling Service and the Agency for Study Grants, the WIN Academy for early-career scholars, the Coordinator of Human Resource Development, the Offices of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Career Services & Corporate Relations, and the Coordinator of MINT.UNI.

Conflicts – Mobbing – Discrimination – (Sexual) Harassment

Zwei Frauen, die sich in einer Konfliktsituation befinden und miteinander diskutieren.

Our objective is to deal with conflicts responsibly with mutual respect among all who are involved. We encourage behaviour and measures that lead to constructive ways of dealing with conflicts, and we take resolute action against behaviour that infringes on a person’s dignity, especially mobbing, discrimination, and (sexual) harassment.

The key players are the Employee Council, the Women’s Representative of the University, the Ombudsman for Junior Scholars, external mediators commissioned by the University, and the other offices mentioned in the Guidelines for Conflict Management in the Workplace.

Work-Life Balance, Dual Career Support

Familie steht zusammen auf dem Campus der Universität Bayreuth.

We foster the compatibility of work, research, or a degree programme with family, care-giving, and nursing responsibilities. We intend to create a university culture that pays especially close attention to the needs of families. We support the partners of new employees in continuing their careers in the region.

The key players are the Offices of Family Friendly University and Dual Career Support.

Tolerance – Refugees – Immigration

Zwei Männer begrüßen sich mit Handschlag.

We have made our university into a globally connected location that is attractive for international students and scholars. We encourage foreign language skills and intercultural skills among our students and staff. We offer refugees bright prospects, fostering integration by way of university education.

The key players are the International Office and the Language Centre.

Webmaster: Dr. Stefan Kurth

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