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Absences of instructorsHide
Academic staff: Research associatesHide

see "Hiring a research associate"

Academic staff: Akademischer Rat / Akademische RätinHide

see Work accident

Alcohol and addictionHide
  • Guidelines for addressing conspicuous behaviour in connection with alcohol and other addictive substances
  • see Operating agreements
Assessment (professional)Hide
Assistant for marking examsHide


Bonus for shift workHide

Bonus for shift work

Business travelHide


Care periodHide

see "Recommendations"


Overview of current circulars

    Collective agreement for state employees in the public sectorHide
    Compensation for damages to propertyHide
    Conflict managementHide

    Conflict management

    Continuing educationHide
    Corrections to the record of time workedHide

    see Punch clock, record of time worked

    Calling in sickHide

    see "Incapacity to work, providing notice"

    Certificate of employmentHide


    Doctor appointments during working hoursHide

    see "Punch clock, record of time worked"


    Employer's letter of referenceHide
    Evaluation during the trial periodHide

    see Assessment (professional)

    Eyeglasses for working at a computerHide


    Fixed-term contracts under WissZVGHide

    see "Law governing academic contracts (WissZVG)"


    see "Punch Clock, record of time worked"


    General Data Protection RegulationHide


    Hiring an Akademischen Rat/ Akademische Rätin as a fixed-term civil servantHide
    Hiring assistants, E2Hide
    Hiring of non-academic staff and civil servantsHide
    Hiring research associatesHide
    Hiring student assistantsHide
    Hiring visiting professors/ visiting instructorsHide
    Home officeHide

    see "Recommendations"

    HR developmentHide




    Job vacanciesHide

    Current job vacancies

    Job Ticket (German Railways)Hide


    Law governing academic contracts (WissZVG)Hide


    Manual workersHide
    Marketplace for job vacanciesHide
    Minimum wageHide
    • Please note: the University of Bayreuth used to be responsible for the settlement of relocation costs for its employees. Effective 01.11.2009, responsibility was transferred to the Landesamt für Finanzen (LfF).  The University of Bayreuth is now only responsible for confirming the reimbursement of relocation costs.
    • You are requested to send your requests for settlement of moving costs after 01.11.2009 to the following address: Landesamt für Finanzen, Dienststelle Regensburg, Bearbeitungsstelle Straubing, Hans-Adlhoch-Str. 29, 94315 Straubing or P.O. Box 153, 94301 Straubing Telephone: 0941/5044-01 (operator), fax: 0941/5044-3877, E-Mail: zast.trennungsgeld@lff.bayern.de

      Request for approval of reimbursement for relocation costs
    • Only the standard forms provided by LfF for the settlement of moving costs can be used for such applications. These can be found at: http://www.lff.bayern.de/formularcenter/index.aspx on the website of the LfF. An electronic submission option is not yet available. The e-mail address is provided on every billing form sent by the Landesamt für Finanzen. As soon as a personal e-mail address is provided, the billing notices will be returned by e-mail. Only if no personal e-mail address is provided will the billing notices be sent by post to the business or private address.

      For any questions or further information please contact Mr. Zippel, Tel. 0941/5044-3874 from

      Landesamt für Finanzen.
      Relocation expense settlement


    Official travelHide

    see Business travel

    Official visit to another institution (request)Hide

    Guest visit (request)    English Version

    Operating agreementsHide
    Operational integration managementHide


    Notice that you are healthy again after illnessHide

    see Incapacity to work, providing notice


    Parental leaveHide
    Performance-related remuneration for professors (pay grade: W)Hide
    Performance review (employees)Hide

    see "Performance review" (employees)

    Performance review (employees)Hide
    Promotions for mid-career academicsHide
    Performance-related bonus for public employeesHide


    Recommendations for actionHide
    Regional financial authorities (Landesamt für Finanzen)Hide

    Regional financial authorities (Landesamt für Finanzen)

    Reimbursement for excursionsHide

    Reimbursement for excursions


    Salary adjustmentHide
    Secondary employmentHide
    Separation allowanceHide
    Student assistantHide

    see "Hiring"

    Social mediaHide

    Guidelines for using social media

    Suspending operations at the end of the yearHide

    see "Circulars"


    Teaching assignmentHide
    Teaching dutiesHide

    see "Recommendation for action"

    Time tracking, -accountHide
    Trial periodHide

    see "Assessment (professional)"

    Trial period assessmentHide

    see "Assessment (professional)"

    Travel costsHide

    see "Business travel"



    Visiting lecturer (request)Hide

    Visiting lecturer, (request)


    Work accidentHide
    Incapacity to work, providing noticeHide
    Information for newcomersHide

    Information for new members of the university    English Version


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