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Teacher education at the University of Bayreuth.

We are pleased to hear you are interested in becoming a teacher. Teaching young people and accompanying them through a crucial phase in their lives can be as fun as it is rewarding, assuming you have the necessary skills and know-how.

The University of Bayreuth views the education of future teachers as a responsibility to society. We are up to the challenges with regard to educational policy and the responsibility that this entails. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible education, informed by teaching methodology, educational science, published studies, and the various subject areas. Our students gain valuable subject-related skills that enable them to make decisions and act responsibly and resolutely.

Subject areas to choose from in the teacher education programmes

The University of Bayreuth offers programmes that qualify graduates to teach the following subjects at a Gymnasium or a Realschule: biology, German, English, geography, history, computer science, mathematics, physics, sports, and economics.  In the programmes for teaching at vocational schools, metalworking as a main subject can be combined with the secondary subjects computer science, chemistry, German, English, mathematics, physics, or sports. "German as a Second Language" and "Performing Arts" are offered as supplementary subjects.

Close personal supervision

There are currently around 1,700 students enrolled in teacher education programmes at the University of Bayreuth - not many in comparison to Germany's larger universities. The size of the student body enables the University of Bayreuth to offer excellent individual supervision. The work environment in seminars and tutorials is especially focused. Students are taught in relatively small groups receive personal supervision from their instructors.  In addition, a programme advisor has been designated for each subject area in the teacher education programme. These programme advisors are responsible for coordinating the courses offered and answering any organizational questions you may have with regard to the teacher education programme.

Interested in learning more?

The University of Bayreuth provides students enrolled in teacher education programmes with a range of opportunities, skills, and qualifications that go beyond the demands of the first state examination. On the Centre for Teacher Education’s homepage, you will find further details about the enrichment courses offered in the scope of the Quality Campaign for Teacher Education.

Studying individual modules

The University of Bayreuth provides all students with the opportunity to complete supplementary programmes in theatre education or teaching German as a foreign language.  You can also study individual modules to help meet your personal and professional goals. Students can select modules from our bachelor’s and master’s programmes, take the exam at the end, and earn credits and a certificate. Further details are available from the Student Administration Office. We have put together an overview of the individual modules that can be studied each semester. In addition, students of the University of Bayreuth can take course online via the Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern, which also offers a number of courses in English.

Programme finder: unless stated, courses are given in German

Overview of Minors
African Culture & Society
African Development Studies in Geography
African Verbal and Visual Arts (English)
Applied Computer Science
Business Administration
Business Administration and Engineering
Computer Science
Culture & Society
Ecology and the Evironmental Sciences

Engineering Science
English and American Studies
Environmental & Resource Technology
German-Spanish Dual Degree Programme in Law
German Studies
Health Economics
Intercultural German Studies
Intercultural Studies

International Economics & Development
Law & Business
Materials Science & Engineering
Media Studies
Music Theatre Studies
Philosophy & Economics
Polymer & Colloid Chemistry
Professional education with an emphasis on electrical engineering
Professional education with an emphasis on metal technology
Sport, Business and Law
Theatre & Media

Overview of all possible combinations
Performing Arts – supplementary courses for students enrolled in teaching programmes
Professional education with an emphasis on electrical engineering
Professional education with an emphasis on metal technology
Teaching Programme in Biology

Teaching Programme in Chemistry
Teaching Programme in Computer Science
Teaching Programme in Economics
Teaching Programme in English
Teaching Programme in German
Teaching Programme in Geography

Teaching Programme in History
Teaching Programme in Mathematics
Teaching Programme in Physics
Teaching Programme in Sport
Supplementary Teaching Programme with Elite Certificate "MINT Lehramt Plus"

African Culture & Society
African Verbal and Visual Arts (English)
Applied Computer Science
Automotive Components Engineering
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Biodiversity and Ecology
Biofabrication (English)
Biotechnology and Process Engineering
Business Administration
Business Administration and Engineering
Computer Game Studies
Computer Science (German)
Computer Science (English)
Cultural and Social Anthropology
Development Studies (English)
Economathematics (German/English coming soon)
Economics (English)
Energy Science and Technology
Environmental Chemistry (English)
Environmental Geography (English)
Environmental Sciences

Études Francophones (French)
Experimental Geosciences (English)
Finance and Information Management (German/English)
Food & Health Sciences
Geschichte – History – Histoire (German/English)
Global Change Ecology (English)
MBA Health Care Management
Health Economics
History & Economics (English)
Human Geography
Intercultural Anglophone Studies (English)
International Economics & Governance
Intercultural German Studies
Language - Interaction - Culture
Law for International Students & Professionals
Literature and Culture
Literature and Media
Materials Chemistry and Catalysis
Materials Science & Engineering
Mathematics (German/English coming soon)

Mechanical Engineering
Media Culture and Media Economy
Molecular Ecology
Music and Performance
Natural Products and Drug Chemistry
Philosophy & Economics (English)
Physics (English)
Polymer Science
Professional education with an emphasis on metal technology
Scientific Computing (English) - coming soon
Sport, Business and Law
MBA Sales Management
MBA Sport Management
LL.M. Sports Law
Sports Technology
Study of Religion
Teaching degree elite programme in the STEM fields
Technomathematics (German/English coming soon)

State Examinations in Law
Law & Business (LL.B.)

German-Spanish Dual Degree Programme in Law

Law for International Students & Professionals

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