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Sustainability can be studied – in all its facets

Fridays for Future demos at school, waste sorting, and shopping for unpackaged groceries –​ that can't be all, can it? If that’s how you feel, then the University of Bayreuth is the right place for you: Like you, we take responsibility for our environment and integrate it into our studies, teaching, and research.

In doing so, we draw on the sound expertise our researchers boast in the natural sciences, engineering, the humanities, and the social sciences. Moreover, we think in interdisciplinary fashion. And we can rely on the strong commitment that our campus family has shown since our university was founded in 1975. We are making an impact on society. We were one of the first universities in Bavaria to adopt a binding sustainability strategy with its main goal of climate neutrality for the entire campus.

Commitment to the environment

Life on campus is colourful and diverse – and environmentally conscious. This starts with the cafeteria, continues through the infrastructure on the university campus, and goes on with all the various student initiatives regarding our environment – which can be seen at Green Campus.

Studying the future

Those who study in Bayreuth can integrate all aspects of sustainability into their studies Whether through a supplementary course of study in Sustainability, in-depth specialized degree programmes, or with a combination of several subjects – read more here.

Knowledge for a better future

Research at the University of Bayreuth knows no national or subject boundaries. For example, plastics experts work together with animal ecologists, engineers research sustainable production methods, while Africa experts explore international phenomena.

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