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CHE Ranking: top marks for study environment.

It's no wonder that the University of Bayreuth continues to occupy top positions in the CHE Ranking.

In the current CHE Ranking, the University of Bayreuth received excellent ratings in the subject areas law, business administration, economics, and business administration & engineering. The University received excellent marks for its broad and often interdisciplinary teaching, the supervision provided by its dedicated instructors, access to highly modern IT equipment on campus, and the strong connection between teaching and professional practice. The students in Bayreuth highly prized their freedom to individually structure their studies, their involvement in innovative research, and the pleasant social climate on campus.

Such results are not limited to our Faculty of Law, Business & Economics: the students enrolled in our programmes in chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and computer science considered themselves to be getting better supervision than the students at many larger universities in Germany did. In addition, the Earth sciences scored well with respect to the scientific publications and research budget in the field.

The University of Bayreuth has performed well in other rankings too. Have a look at our overview.


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