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A university education is still nothing to be taken for granted.

In Germany, there is still a significant correlation between social background and academic achievement. We want to provide you with encouragement and support to make sure insufficient funding does not prevent you from achieving academic success. After all, there are a variety of public and private institutions in Germany that award scholarships and grants to students and researchers.

Many funding organizations have representatives at the University of Bayreuth to serve as liaisons. Our link list contains the individual scholarship profiles and the relevant representatives and liaisons at the University:


An overview of (nearly) all public and private organizations is contained in the Deutsches Studentenwerk's "Förderungsmöglichkeiten für Studierende" (ISBN 3-87 066-883-0; German only).

Information for international students is available from the International Office.

Contact at the University of Bayreuth:
Wolfgang Böss
Central University Administration (ZUV), Room 1.07
95440 Bayreuth
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-5250
E-Mail: stipendien@uni-bayreuth.de

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