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Examinations and experimental research modules in the 2020 summer semester: Current provisions during the coronavirus crisis

In conjunction with the statutes on the extension and modification of examination forms (last updated 30 June 2020), the following regulations apply to ongoing as well as newly commencing (experimental) Bachelor's and Master's theses, experimental research modules and doctoral examinations in the summer semester 2020 until further notice:

Doctoral examinations

Doctoral examinations can be held in a non-public setting (i.e. without an audience), provided that the appropriate hygiene measures and social-distancing rules (at least 1.5 m distance) are rigorously observed. It should also be noted that no external doctoral committee members are currently allowed on campus. These can be connected via video conference or substitutes can be appointed by the University of Bayreuth.

Experimental research modules

Experimental research modules count as classroom teaching. They cannot be carried out until further notice according to the guidelines of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art. This regulation only refers to individuals working in the laboratory, i.e. participating in research. Work already in progress can be terminated in compliance with the appropriate safety measures. This is the decision of the respective head of the working group.

Experimental bachelor’s and master’s theses

In the case of experimental bachelor and master theses, a certain sense of proportion must be applied. The following guidelines apply to work that cannot be carried out from home: 

Master’s theses can be continued or started under consideration of the hygiene and safety measures, if this does not increase the density of persons in the laboratory to such an extent that the corresponding social-distancing rules can no longer be observed. 

The above recommendations apply to ongoing bachelor’s theses.

For newly beginning experimental bachelor’s candidates, who often start the semester in large numbers at the same time, it must be considered whether and how many can start in the appropriate laboratory under strict adherence to the appropriate hygiene measures and social-distancing rules.

The number of bachelor's and master's degree candidates who are currently working or can start working in the laboratory therefore depends largely on the laboratory size and the number of researchers already in the laboratory. Only if all safety measures are fully taken into account can new bachelor’s and master’s theses be started in the laboratory.

If planned work cannot be started because the necessary safety conditions in the laboratory cannot be guaranteed, the following alternatives are available in consultation with the supervisor:

  • Postpone the planned work to a later start date
  • Adaptation of topics accordingly, in order to be able to work on them from home, among other things
  • It is also conceivable that students could be divided up differently into working groups with free capacity

Nevertheless, some final papers will have to be postponed. We ask for the greatest possible flexibility and understanding on the part of students and teachers in this special situation.

Non-experimental bachelor’s and master’s theses

For non-experimental bachelor’s and master’s theses, according to the statement of the Examinations Office of 18.3.2020, the processing time of theses is automatically extended by the time the library is closed. The submission date will be adjusted accordingly in Campus Online.

Submission of theses

The submission of the final thesis can currently be performed digitally. Bachelor’s and master’s candidates can send their theses in PDF format to the responsible examinations office and also to their supervisors before the deadline. This is then considered the official submission date and the work can then possibly be reviewed earlier. However, bachelor’s and master’s candidates are obliged to submit the final paper to the Examinations Office as soon as possible. The usual procedures apply.

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