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Renewing Enrolment

Renewing enrolment for Winter Semester 2019

General notice

To renew enrolment (Rückmeldung) for Winter Semester 2019, students must pay their semester fees between
17 June and 19 July 2019. Please note: the amount to be paid and your personal transfer reference can be found on CAMPUSonline (Semester Fee Status).

Simply transfer your payment as described below.

Bank account information

  • Account holder: Staatsoberkasse Bayern in Landshut
  • Bank: Bayer. Landesbank München
    IBAN: DE36 7005 0000 4101 1903 15
  • Transfer reference: [enrolment number],[last name],[first name],[19S]
    Please enter the information in this order, separated by commas and without spaces. Otherwise, your payment cannot be processed.

Fee amount

The regular fee of €109.60 is made up of the following:

  1. Association for Student Affairs (Studentenwerk) fee in the amount of €52.00
  2. Lump sum for the semester ticket in the amount of €57.60

    Please note:
    Disabled students who are entitled to free transportation under the Disabled Persons Act (Schwerbehindertengesetz) and have an addendum to their ID for Disabled Persons (Ausweis für Schwerbehinderte) with a valid stamp can request a refund of €54.09 for the semester ticket. If possible, please submit the application for reimbursement before the start of the semester.

Validation and certificates of study

Around 7 – 10 days after transferring your fees, you can re-activate your campus card for the new semester at one of the card-validating terminals on campus. After re-activating your card, you will also be able to print out a certificate of study via our online platform.

A certificate of study can be generated automatically at any time by entering your username and password via our Online Services. Your username can be found on your UBT campus card.

When you log in to our online services during the period for renewing enrolment, you will also see the semester fee amount to be paid.

Additional notices

If applicable, please also see our information on taking a leave of absence and changing to a different programme of study.

If you fail to renew enrolment by the deadline, you may be excluded from studies under § 14 para 3 of the University of Bayreuth’s Enrolment Regulations (Immatrikulations-, Rückmelde- und Exmatrikulationssatzung) dated 10 August 2010. The University does not send payment notices granting extensions!

Doctoral students can only renew enrolment through their 6th semester of doctoral research. Further details are available here.

Important information for law students taking their examinations

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