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Tips for new students

Even if you cannot get to know our unique campus at this moment, we would like to welcome you to the University of Bayreuth nonetheless! The Campus is both the heart of the University and a source of inspiration. You can look forward to an ideal study environment that is awarded top marks in the official rankings over and over again. It is a place where careers - and friendships - are made. You will soon find your way around our friendly university. And we hope you will soon be able to explore our campus on site. Until then, to make the start of the 2020 digital summer semester easier for you, we have collected some tips and information here, especially concerning the online offerings at the University of Bayreuth.

You're cordially invited...

For the 2020 summer semester, lectures start on 20.04.2020 with digital courses. Information on whether and in what form introductory events will take place can be found on the website of our Student Advising

Your Campus Card and username

You will receive your Campus Card already validated conveniently by mail. It can be used as your ticket for local public transportation, your library card, or to pay for your food in the cafeteria. The card has to be validated at the start of the semester; the terminal can be found in the ZUV Building (Central University Administration). Information on your username, which is used to log on to CAMPUSonline among other things, can be found in our account information (PDF). You will find your username (bt....) on the back of your UBT Campus-Card. You will be able to authenticate yourself to all online services of the University (e.g. e-mail, VPN, intranet, e-learning, MyFiles, ...).

CampusOnline & cmlife

With your bt-username and your set password, you can log in to CAMPUSonline and register for courses and exams, create your timetable, or print out certificates. You will find an overview of the self-service functions for students on the website of the Student Administration Office. Cmlife is available as the mobile user interface of CampusOnline. Here you will also be able to log in with your username and password. A manual for using CampusOnline and cmlife can be found here. For general questions concerning CampusOnline, the Campus Management unit would be happy to help.

Planning your studies

The courses that are offered each semester are listed on CAMPUSonline. CM Life allows you to put together your schedule for the semester. The University of Bayreuth's Language Centre offers an Information Session on Foreign Language Training.

E-mail address for University matters

The University will send official communications to the e-mail address provided for you: username@uni-bayreuth.de
You can check your e-mails via webmail at the following internet address: https://mail.myubt.de. Further information on setup and initial registration can be obtained from the IT Service Center.
Please make sure that e-mails reach you reliably and that you check your mailbox regularly.


The University of Bayreuth is working hard to create a wide range of digital courses.  The e-learning-platform enables an unrestricted exchange of information and materials, and even for submissions to be handed in.

Please also note existing digital course offerings from various providers. The respective lecturers in your degree programme will decide on the creditability of these. 

Electronic library use 

From 20.04.2020, low-contact loans will once again be possible. All overdue loans processing will remain suspended until 30.04.2020. The work areas in the reading rooms, special reading rooms, group-work rooms, and doctoral student cubicles (carrels) will remain closed until further notice. However, it will be possible to remove books from the libraries' self-access/reference holding collections. For more information, please see the website of Universitätsbibliothek Bayreuth.
​Many contents are electronically accessible from off-campus for members of the University (including students), such as the comprehensive range of e-books, electronic journals, and databases. In order to further relieve the VPN service, it is currently no longer necessary to activate a VPN client for library searches from outside the Campus. Instructions for activating the Proxy Add-on in Firefox Browser can be found here.

Keeping your bearings

The abbreviations used by staff members and upper classmen can be confusing for new students. For example, RW, AI, and GW are three different buildings on campus. To help you find your way around the University, we recommend having a look at our Campus Map. Another note on abbreviations: Course times are often followed by "c.t.", meaning the course starts 15 minutes later. For example, a course listed as "18 Uhr c.t." will start at 6:15 p.m. 

Making (virtual) connections...

Sitting in the sun on the lawn of the rondel, pub-crawls, and parties in shared flats. You'll catch up all that! Until then, you have some other possibilities for discovering Bayreuth, networking, making connections, and learning from each other. Become part of our virtual university family! 

  • Our Student Advising Office has compiled Tips for making contacts and (digital) arriving in Bayreuth (in German).
  • As a digital alternative to socializing on campus, a group of students has set up a discord server on which you will be able to share information and make new contacts in an easy-going way. In addition, digital events such as game nights, discussion groups, and other digitalized forms of campus culture are in the works. University initiatives can also be accessed via this channel. (These offerings are free and optional; no downloads required.)
  • Feel like getting involved? The student group Enactus Bayreuth has opened the account @hochschulgruppen_bayreuth on Instagram, where many university groups introduce themselves. Have a look, inform yourself about the different university initiatives and be inspired by the diversity at the University of Bayreuth!

Always up-to-date: the UniNow Campus App

UniNow makes it easy to organize university life. Whether it's e-mails, appointments, what’s cooking in the canteen, or your current grades, you'll find everything clearly laid out and up-to-date in your app. UniNow has been certified by the German technical inspection agency TÜV, and meets the widely recognized software quality criteria for functionality (ISO/IEC 25051:2014) and privacy/data security (PPP13011). The Campus App is offered as a free Apple or Android version available from the usual app stores. If you are already using the app, you will automatically get the opportunity to update. Download the Campus App here! 

Start of studies at the RW Faculty

Our Faculty of Law, Business and Economics (aka RW Faculty) has summarized all the important information you need for your start of studies in the summer semester on a website especially for first semester students.

Do you still have unanswered questions?

The Office of Student Advising is happy to help. You may also find some of the answers you're looking for in our FAQs. Important information for first-year students can be found on the website of the Student Administration Office.

Please also note current information from the IT Service Centre regarding the use of digital services and IT solutions at the University of Bayreuth.

Webmaster: Kathrin Faltermeier

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