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The following programmes of study are offered in the field of ecology and environmental sciences:

 Bachelor of Science

Biology (taught in German)Biology is the science of life, and this bachelor's programme is the ideal starting point for a career in this exciting field.
Ecology & Environmental Sciences (taught in German)The programme of study Ecology & Environmental Science has a long tradition in Bayreuth and boasts an excellent student-to-instructor ratio.
Environmental Informatics (taught in German)In the programme Environmental Informatics, a solid foundation in computer science is combined with applications in environmental science and ecosystem research.

 Master of Science


Biodiversity & Ecology (taught in German)Biodiversity & Ecology focuses on the origin, analysis, distribution, and functional significance of biological diversity with a view to genetics, classification, and ecosystems.  The programme puts students in a position to study the effects of ecosystem changes and loss of biodiversity.
Environmental Chemistry (M.Sc.)
(taught in English)

The English-taught master’s programme Environmental Chemistry is geared towards graduates of bachelor’s programmes who are interested in chemistry and environmental science and want to work internationally later on.

Ecology & Environmental Sciences (taught in German)This master's programme builds on the bachelor's programme Ecology & Environmental Sciences.
Global Change Ecology (taught in German)This programme addresses global change: one of the most crucial environmental issues of the 21st century.
Molecular EcologyThe master's programme focuses on molecular adaptation mechanisms of plants, animals, and microorganisms in response to environmental factors as well as interdependency between organisms, especially at the molecular level.
Environmental Informatics (taught in German)This programme combines advanced skills in computer science with modules in the field of environmental science.
Environmental Geography (M.Sc.)
(taught in English)

This master’s programme is taught in English and addresses current environmental problems from an interdisciplinary perspective, analysing the interplay between environment and society in space and time.


Environmental LawThis minor provides students with a solid foundation in public law as it relates to environmental issues, with a focus on the areas of conservation law, climate protection law, soil protection law, water policy, and anti-pollution law.

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