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Dr. Tilman Musch

Dr. Tilman Musch


Academic Degrees

  • 2007 Doctorate: Anthropology, INALCO (Paris)

Professional Background

Since 2013Research associate at the University of Bayreuth (DFG, his own position)
2008 – 2009Postdoc at the University of Bayreuth with a Thyssen Foundation fellowship
2009 – 2012 und 2007 – 2008

various research fellowships (INALCO, IFRA, Ibadan, the  French Ministry of Culture)


Researcher at the Centre de recherche et eurastiatiques (CRREA, INCALCO)


Since 2013Reviewer for Ethnobiology Letters
Since 2011Member of the Société des Africanistes


Regional Focus:

  • West Africa
  • Siberia

Research Topics:

  • spatial anthropology (spatial orders, mobility, land law, migration)
  • nomadism
  • livestock market
  • ethnobiology and ethnomedicine


Dr. Tilman Musch

Department of Cultural Studies, Social Anthropology

95440 Bayreuth

Phone: 0921 / 55-5103
E-mail: tilmanmusch@yahoo.de
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