University of Bayreuth, Press Release 143/2022 - 31. August 2022

Top international mathematicians meet in Bayreuth

More than 300 mathematicians will come to Bayreuth in September to exchange ideas on networks and systems at a symposium. The topics cover an enormous range and deal with socially and politically relevant issues.

How quickly does public opinion change? How do we avoid a blackout in the energy supply? How do robots learn to assemble a car? All these questions have mathematics as their basis and are part of the "International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS)". This year, the symposium will take place from 11 to 16 September at the University of Bayreuth.

Since 1973, mathematicians have met every two years to answer these questions using methods from a wide variety of subfields of so-called pure and applied mathematics. In previous years, the conferences were held in Kyoto, Melbourne and Hong Kong, among other places. Now Bayreuth joins the list of venues. "The University of Bayreuth is ideal for hosting such a conference," says Prof. Dr. Lars Grüne, Chair of Applied Mathematics. "Our campus offers short distances and an excellent infrastructure. However, the decision for the conference to take place in Bayreuth was made professionally." Where the conference takes place is decided by a committee based on the application, which also sets priorities in terms of content.

Key calculations for the energy transition

The topics of this year's conference sound very theoretical, but they are also highly relevant socially and politically. "The theme 'Networks and Systems' actually includes all things that are connected in some way," Grüne explains. "It's about movements, for example in robots, but also about opinion dynamics or how electricity grids are kept free of interference." The current topic of energy in particular is a research focus for Professor Grüne from Bayreuth. "Here at the chair in Bayreuth, we calculate, for example, when and where electricity is ideally stored." MTNS 2022 fits the profile of the University of Bayreuth: the conference topic stems from the university's research profile field "Nonlinear Dynamics" and will thus further strengthen this internationally.

The fact that mathematics is considered a key technology today means the best career prospects for graduates of Bayreuth's Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Business Mathematics. In addition to pure subject qualifications, it is competences such as the ability to abstract, precision, perseverance, problem-solving skills, the ability to structure complex contexts and the employability of graduates in a wide range of industries that make mathematical specialists so successful in their careers.

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