University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 081 - 23 May 2022

Intrapreneurship as a Resource for Business Success - Experience Experts Live

The series "Wissen schafft Wirtschaft" (Knowledge creates business) is continued. At the next event - organized by the University of Bayreuth, Hof University of Applied Sciences and Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e.V., Bezirksgruppe Oberfranken - everything revolves around "Intrapreneurship". 

Corona boosts intrapreneurship in companies - that was the tenor of the "Intrapreneurship Monitor 2021" published by the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University of Bayreuth earlier this year. The largest study on the subject in the German-speaking world. 603 companies were surveyed, and the most important finding was that companies are increasingly relying on intrapreneurship to secure their long-term competitiveness. Hardly anyone knows the industry, the market and the environment as well as the intrapreneurs - strategically thinking and entrepreneurially acting employees of a company. As dedicated and experienced professionals, they are involved in the day-to-day operations of a company's core business. They often recognize challenges at a very early stage - usually earlier than external consultants can - and they often develop their own ideas for solutions. It is the task of managers to identify, promote and challenge these intrapreneurs within the company.

How this can be done most effectively is the topic of the next cooperation event in the series "Wissen schafft Wirtschaft": Here, we will analyze how effective intrapreneurship can be established in the company. Above all, executives and entrepreneurs from Upper Franconian companies will gain valuable insights. 

Wissen schafft Wirtschaft `22: On Thursday, June 30, 2022 in Bayreuth, we will bring together scientists and companies to shed light on the potential of intrapreneurship.

Laura Engelhardt and Dr. Marcus Bold report from the practice of large companies. Laura Engelhardt works in Technology and Innovation Management at Siemens AG and is the founder of the Siemens-wide intrapreneurship program "Siemens Intrapreneurs Bootcamp". Dr. Markus Bold is Management Director of Chemovator GmbH, a subsidiary of BASF SE. But also companies located in Upper Franconia are increasingly turning to the topic of intrapreneurship: Christian Baier, Managing Director NEDGEX and Head of Digital Unit NETZSCH Group, and Dr. Christian Stumpf, Co-Founder & Program Manager TenneT PowerLab, will report from their experience. Scientific aspects will be contributed by Prof. Dr. Michael Seidel, Chair of Business Administration at HAW Hof and Scientific Director of the digital start-up center Einstein1, Prof. Dr. Matthias Baum, Chair of Business Administration XVI - Entrepreneurship and Digital Business Models at UBT, and Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Isidor, Chair of Human Resource Management & Intrapreneurship at UBT. The event will be moderated by Carla Neuhaus, Editorial director Business at FOCUS.

Event Details: 

Date/Time: Thursday, 30.06.2022, 12:00 - 16:00 hrs.
Location: Liebesbier, brewing room, Andreas-Maisel-Weg 1, 95445 Bayreuth, Germany
Registration deadline: 24.6.2022
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