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DLD Campus

Optimism & Courage – no place for scaredy-cats

On 27 June 2019, the DLD Campus returns to the University of Bayreuth.
For the third time and with several innovations - the DLD Campus returns to the University of Bayreuth.  For the first time, the Innovation Conference will be incorporated into 'DigiDays@UBT', a series of events hosted by the University's Information Systems and Media Studies faculties, and open to all comers.


Steffi Czerny

DLD founder and member of the university council

"Instead of staying paralysed with shock, we have to get involved, and help shape the world in a spirit of optimism.  And it definitely takes courage to do that!"

"Anyone who sees the future solely as a dark mixture of surveillance through technology, loss of privacy, machines that make people superfluous, climate catastrophes, and geopolitical power struggles, can only be driven by fear and pessimism," notes Steffi Czerny.  She is a DLD founder, member of the university council of the University of Bayreuth, and an optimist. "Instead of staying paralysed with shock, we have to get involved, and help shape the world in a spirit of optimism. And it definitely takes courage to do that!" Where, if not at a university, where young people are at the beginning of their careers, where clever minds engage in research, and diverse teams try to answer the questions of our society, will the most courageous people be found? "That's why I'm happy to bring the DLD family back to Bayreuth," says Steffi Czerny.

A subject that is particularly close to her heart: Africa. "We must have Africa on our radar! This huge continent is not only about to become the new workbench of the world. It is also an excellent example of optimism and courage despite many challenges." The innovative potential of the continent was already an important theme at the flagship DLD in Munich (19 to 21 January 2019). At the DLD Campus, this message continues to be carried aloft, aided by, among others, partners of the Bayreuth Cluster of Excellence Africa Multiple."

Topics of the DLD Campus on 27 June 2019:

  • Managing Uncertainty: Strategies for dealing with digital transformation
  • Africa: The next big thing?
  • The German Mittelstand: Markets, business & investment models of the future
  • Leadership in the digital age
  • How to successfully grow a business: The new generation of European Entrepreneurs
  • Food: Eat the future!
  • Bye bye plastic: Climate change, sustainability and preserving nature as our most valuable resource
  • Future mobility: From electric vehicles and improved batteries to autonomous driving and space exploration
  • The latest wave of digital disruption becomes real: Additive manufacturing, robotics, the industrial internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and more

Speaker Profiles

Judith Gerlach

Bavarian State Ministery for Digital Affairs

„A copy of the analogue world is no longer sufficient to meet the challenges of digital transformation. We have to think further, we have to think bigger."

Katharina Schulze

Chairwoman in the Bavarian state parliament, Die Grünen

„Our digitized Bavaria should be free, secure, fair and sustainable.“

Brigitte Merk-Erbe

Oberbürgermeisterin Stadt Bayreuth

Stefan Leible

President of the University of Bayreuth

Stefan Leible has published more than 300 articles and has written and edited more than 50 books.

David Hanson

Founder of Hanson Robotics Inc.

„We need to consider that the human-centric interface is the future of AI along with bio-inspired technology and bio-inspired engineering. We are humanising the machines so that they are more meaningful and bring value to our lives”

Jennifer Schenker

Founder of The Innovator

In 2015 and 2016 she was voted one of the 50 most inspiring women in technology in Europe. In 2018 she was named in Forbes list of 30 women leaders disrupting tech in France.

Sam Handy

VP Design / adidas Running at adidas AG

Created the first functional high-performance shoe with reclaimed ocean plastic in 2015.

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

Professor of Comparative Literature,
French and Italien at Stanford University

„Perhaps soon Artificial Intelligence will solve all human problems - either with the kind support of Homo sapiens sapiens or, radically and more simply, by abolishing it."

Andreas Kunze

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of KONUX

In 2016, he was the youngest CEO to be on the “40 under 40 entrepreneurs" list by Capital Magazine. In early 2017, he got selected among Forbes' “Top 30 under 30 - Europe

Christian Laforsch

Chair of Animal Ecology I, Faculty of Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciencesat University of Bayreuth

„It is not the plastic itself, but our handling of it that turns the material into a problem.“

Maks Giordano

Managing Partner & Co-Founder at kreait

„In a future in which KI is gaining more and more importance, creativity is the good that makes us human beings necessary.“

Patrick Boos

Managing Director of the BAUR-Gruppe

„Digital competence on its own is not enough. We have to become faster and more agile in order to implement projects quickly and react to trends at an early stage.“


...under http://dld-conference.com/DLDCampusBayreuthSpecial conditions for students, representatives of scientific organizations or of start-ups.

Snapshots from the year 2018

You can get an insight into the DLD Campus Innovation Conference 2018 here. A video gallery of DLD Campus 18 in Bayreuth: http://dld-conference.com/dldcampus17


Steffi Czerny and Stefan Leible on DLD Campus 2018 in Bayreuth: Video-Clip.

DigiDays at the University of Bayreuth

This year for the first time, the Innovation Conference has been incorporated into the ‚DigiDays@UBT‘, a series of event hosted by the University's Information Systems and Media Studies faculties, and open to one and all.

Queries, Suggestions and Requests are welcomed by​:

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Media enquiries Anja-Maria Meister

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