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Postdoc position

Postdoc position


In a BMBF-funded collaborative project, a postdoc position is available in the group of Stephan Clemens, Plant Physiology, University of Bayreuth, Germany, starting immediately.

The position is offered according to TV-L E13 (100%) for up to three years.

The accumulation of arsenic (As) in crop plant tissues represents a major health threat in many countries around the world as the consumption of such tissues can result in a “slow poisoning”. Several different organic and inorganic forms of As can occur in soils. Among them are thioarsenates. Their relevance has only recently been demonstrated by our collaborators in the group of Britta Planer-Friedrich, Environmental Geochemistry, University of Bayreuth. In a joint project we are studying the uptake and metabolism of thioarsenates as well as their effects on the accumulation of arsenic in rice, the most significant source of human exposure to arsenic. The project aims at understanding whether thiolation poses a challenge or a chance for producing As-safe rice and at predicting which combination of environmental parameters and rice genotypes will make thiolation contribute to increases or decreases in total As grain concentrations. A wide range of molecular biology and analytical techniques will be applied in order to reach these goals.

The successful candidate holds a PhD in Biology or Biochemistry and should ideally have expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry of plants.

The University of Bayreuth seeks to increase the proportion of women involved in research and teaching and therefore particularly welcomes female applicants. All qualifications being equal, severely disabled applicants will be given priority.

Please send your application electronically as a single PDF file (up to 30 MB) containing

  • Curriculum vitae including publication record
  • Cover letter detailing research interests and experience
  • Name and email address at least two referees

to stephan.clemens@uni-bayreuth.de




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