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1 Doctoral Position (50% TV-L E 13; 3 Years)




1 Doctoral Position (50 % TV-L E13; 3 years)

(Start: As soon as possible)

We are seeking a highly motivated candidate with a Masters Degree or Diplom in Physics or Applied Mathematics.


 High performance computing of turbulent dynamics in a fusion reactor

Principal Investigator: A. G. Peeters


The larger research scope of the PhD is the area of  magnetic confinement nuclear fusion, which is a candidate solution for  the energy demands of our society. Nuclear fusion is promising due to the unlimited amount of fuel, the fact that it is CO2 neutral, the limited amount of long lived radioactive waste, and the inherent safety of the approach. As a minor drawback, one could mention that a working concept for this approach still needs to be demonstrated. The construction of a working fusion reactor is hindered by several, in itself rather interesting, physics phenomena. One of the main problems is that of energy confinement. The large temperature and density gradients in a fusion reactor drive turbulence, which largely enhances the flow of energy from the centre to the wall, and make it difficult to maintain the high temperatures that are needed for the fusion reactions to occur. The successful candidate will study the turbulent dynamics using numerical methods.

During the first part of the PhD an existing computer code (http://code.google.com/p/gkw/) will be extended to include more (and relevant) new physics. In particular the effects of profile dynamics is to be included. The second part is devoted to a comprehensive study of  the newly implemented effects.



Applications should include CV, subject of Masters/Diplom thesis, list of scientific skills, and contact information for two references. Please send by Mail or E-Mail to: arthur.peeters@uni-bayreuth.de


Prof. Dr. Arthur Peeters

Universität Bayreuth. Lehrstuhl Theoretische Physik V

Universitätsstrasse 30

D-95447  Bayreuth, Germany


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