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Laboratory of Crystallography

Applications are sought for a PhD-student position at the Laboratory of Crystallography, University of Bayreuth, on the subject

Towards understanding high-Z' organic molecular crystals through the superspace method.

Z' gives the number of different conformations of a molecule which occur in a crystal. About 0.1% of organic molecular crystals are high-Z' structures (Z' > 4). Understanding high-Z' structures leads to the understanding of crystal packing in general and polymorphism in particular, with important applications for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. This project aims at developing the superspace method for understanding high-Z' crystal structures. Selected substances of biological importance will be studied. 

The successful candidate has a university degree in chemistry, physics, crystallography, mineralogy or related relevant subjects. The project is funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG); payment is according to TV-L E13/half.

Applications from handicapped persons will be favored when all other qualifications are equal. The University of Bayreuth is an equal opportunity employer and we therefore especially encourage women to apply.

Further information can be obtained from Prof. Sander van Smaalen. Applications should be sent by E-mail to Prof. S. van Smaalen, Laboratory of Crystallography, University of Bayreuth, 95440 Bayreuth, Germany. E-mail: smash@uni-bayreuth.de. Phone: +49-921-553886. Please include scanned copies of relevant documents. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.

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