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International Students: Gaining work experience in Germany

Are you interested in doing an internship while studying in Germany? Bayreuth's unique International-internship-programme offers incoming students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in well-knowns local and (multi-)national companies and organisations all around Germany.

International students have the opportunity to complete an internship during their stay in Bayreuth for a period of 120 full days or 240 half days. Internships can be paid or unpaid depending on the size and organisational structure of the company. By enrolling as a student at the University of Bayreuth, internationals will also obtain their working permit which is required for a work placement in Germany.

Internships in the region surrounding the University of Bayreuth and other parts of Germany

Germany has one of the world’s most globalized economies. Highly advanced knowledge and thorough development make Germany’s products well known in many countries all over the globe. Discipline and a visionary spirit are the basis for great innovations. Be part of the process and gain outstanding and lasting experience that improves your skills. Besides flat hierarchies and pleasant working conditions, medium-sized and large enterprises offer you an unforgetable working experience with high recreational value. And all of this in the region of the University of Bayreuth and other parts of Germany.

What you get

  • internships that fit your knowledge and interests
  • development of transferable skills
  • networking and contacts to leading employers and companies
  • support in organizing a working permit
  • highly valuable work experience in a German work environment

Basic requirements

  • Knowledge of the German language
  • Matriculation at the University of Bayreuth
  • Scientific expertise, depending on what is requested in the offer
  • High level of motivation and willingness to integrate yourself in a German company
  • further details can be found on the specific job description

How to applicate

Career-Service at the University of Bayreuth is a platform for incoming students from abroad to find internship offers of well-konown employers in Germany

The University of Bayreuth only provides a platform with current offerings on its website; it is not responsible for the appplication and communication process with prospective employers. Students are therefore strongly advised to apply on their own initiative and in advance (before they come to  Germany) to give employers enough time to execute applications.

You couldn’t find an internship?

You can still apply at the International Office to obtain admission to study at the University of Bayreuth.

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