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Prof. Dr. Cyrus Samimi

Prof. Dr. Cyrus Samimi

Fakultät für Biologie, Chemie und Geowissenschaften

Leiter der Abteilung Klimatologie


  • Ökologische Klimatologie
  • Biogeographie
  • Agrarökologie
  • Fernerkundung und GIS
  • Regionen:
    Subsahara-Afrika, Zentralasien, Naher und Mittlerer Osten, Süddeutschland, Alpen

Fakultät für Biologie, Chemie und Geowissenschaften

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Buch / Monografie

Folgen des Klimawandels
Hrsg.: Obermaier, Gabriele; Samimi, Cyrus
Bayreuth : Verlag Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Bayreuth e.V., 2015. - 175 S. . - (Bayreuther Kontaktstudium Geographie; 8)


Referierte Beiträge in Zeitschriften (begutachtet)

Mayr, Manuel J.; Vanselow, Kim André; Samimi, Cyrus
Fire regimes at the arid fringe : A 16-year remote sensing perspective (2000-2016) on the contr ...
In: Ecological Indicators Bd. 91 (2018) . - S. 324-337
doi:10.1016/j.ecolind.2018.04.022 ...

Kassam, Karim-Aly S.; Ruelle, Morgan L.; Samimi, Cyrus; Trabucco, Antonio; Xu, Jianchu
Anticipating Climatic Variability : The Potential of Ecological Calendars
In: Human Ecology Bd. 46 (2018) Heft 2. - S. 249-257
doi:10.1007/s10745-018-9970-5 ...

Reinhardt, Katja; Samimi, Cyrus
Comparison of different wind data interpolation methods for a region with complex terrain in Ce ...
In: Climate Dynamics Bd. 51 (2018) Heft 9/10. - S. 3635-3652
doi:10.1007/s00382-018-4101-y ...

Nabavi, Seyed Omid; Haimberger, Leopold; Abbasi, Reyhaneh; Samimi, Cyrus
Prediction of aerosol optical depth in West Asia using deterministic models and machine learnin ...
In: Aeolian Research Bd. 35 (2018) . - S. 69-84
doi:10.1016/j.aeolia.2018.10.002 ...

Mayr, Manuel J.; Malß, Sophia; Ofner, Elisabeth; Samimi, Cyrus
Disturbance feedbacks on the height of woody vegetation in a savannah : a multi-plot assessment ...
In: International Journal of Remote Sensing (2017) . - S. 1-25
doi:10.1080/01431161.2017.1362132 ...

Krüger, Fred; Samimi, Cyrus
Environmental management and the reshaping and respacing of livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa : ...
In: African Geographical Review (2017) . - S. 1-7
doi:10.1080/19376812.2017.1286244 ...

Nabavi, Seyed Omid; Haimberger, Leopold; Samimi, Cyrus
Sensitivity of WRF-chem predictions to dust source function specification in West Asia
In: Aeolian Research Bd. 24 (2017) . - S. 115-131
doi:10.1016/j.aeolia.2016.12.005 ...

Zandler, Harald; Morche, Thomas; Samimi, Cyrus
Wind and solar power as possible energy alternatives in peripheral high mountains? : Insights f ...
In: Sustainable Development of Mountain Territories Bd. 9 (2017) Heft 4. - S. 343-354
doi:10.21177/1998-4502-2017-9-4-343-354 ...

Schumacher, Paul; Mislimshoeva, Bunafsha; Brenning, Alexander; Zandler, Harald; Brandt, Martin; Samimi, Cyrus; Koellner, Thomas
Do Red Edge and Texture Attributes from High-Resolution Satellite Data Improve Wood Volume Esti ...
In: Remote Sensing Bd. 8 (2016) Heft 7
doi:10.3390/rs8070540 ...

Romankiewicz, Clemens; Doevenspeck, Martin; Brandt, Martin; Samimi, Cyrus
Adaptation as by-product : Migration and environmental change in Nguith, Senegal
In: Die Erde Bd. 147 (2016) Heft 2. - S. 95-108
doi:10.12854/erde-147-7 ...

Nabavi, Seyed Omid; Haimberger, Leopold; Samimi, Cyrus
Climatology of dust distribution over West Asia from homogenized remote sensing data
In: Aeolian Research Bd. 21 (2016) . - S. 93-107
doi:10.1016/j.aeolia.2016.04.002 ...

Eklund, Lina; Romankiewicz, Clemens; Brandt, Martin; Doevenspeck, Martin; Samimi, Cyrus
Data and methods in the environment-migration nexus : a scale perspective
In: Die Erde Bd. 147 (2016) Heft 2. - S. 139-152
doi:10.12854/erde-147-10 ...

Vanselow, Kim André; Samimi, Cyrus; Breckle, Siegmar-W.
Preserving a Comprehensive Vegetation Knowledge Base : An Evaluation of Four Historical Soviet ...
In: PLoS One Bd. 11 (2016) Heft 2. - S. e0148930
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0148930 ...

Zandler, Harald; Mislimshoeva, Bunafsha; Samimi, Cyrus
Scenarios of Solar Energy Use on the “Roof of the World” : Potentials and Environmental Benefit ...
In: Mountain Research and Development Bd. 36 (2016) Heft 3. - S. 256-266
doi:10.1659/MRD-JOURNAL-D-15-00077.1 ...

Zandler, Harald; Samimi, Cyrus; Brenning, Alexander
Potential of Space-Borne Hyperspectral Data for Biomass Quantification in an Arid Environment : ...
In: Remote Sensing Bd. 7 (2015) Heft 4. - S. 4565-4580
doi:10.3390/rs70404565 ...

Zandler, Harald; Samimi, Cyrus; Brenning, Alexander
Quantifying dwarf shrub biomass in an arid environment : comparing empirical methods in a high ...
In: Remote Sensing of Environment Bd. 158 (2015) . - S. 140-155
doi:10.1016/j.rse.2014.11.007 ...

Spiekermann, Raphael; Brandt, Martin; Samimi, Cyrus
Woody vegetation and land cover changes in the Sahel of Mali (1967-2011)
In: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Bd. 34 (2015) . - S. 113-121
doi:10.1016/j.jag.2014.08.007 ...

Mayr, Manuel J.; Samimi, Cyrus
Comparing the dry season in-situ leaf area index (lai) derived from high-resolution rapideye im ...
In: Remote Sensing Bd. 7 (2015) Heft 4. - S. 4834-4857
doi:10.3390/rs70404834 ...

Brandt, Martin; Mbow, Cheikh; Diouf, Abdoul Aziz; Verger, Aleixandre; Samimi, Cyrus; Fensholt, Rasmus
Ground- and satellite-based evidence of the biophysical mechanisms behind the greening Sahel
In: Global Change Biology Bd. 21 (2015) Heft 4. - S. 1610-1620
doi:10.1111/gcb.12807 ...

Staska, Bernadette; Essl, Franz; Samimi, Cyrus
Density and age of invasive "Robinia pseudoacacia" modulate its impact on floodplain forests
In: Basic and Applied Ecology Bd. 15 (2014) Heft 6. - S. 551-558
doi:10.1016/j.baae.2014.07.010 ...

Brandt, Martin; Romankiewicz, Clemens; Spiekermann, Raphael; Samimi, Cyrus
Environmental change in time series : An interdisciplinary study in the Sahel of Mali and Seneg ...
In: Journal of Arid Environments Bd. 105 (2014) . - S. 52-63
doi:10.1016/j.jaridenv.2014.02.019 ...

Kraudzun, Tobias; Vanselow, Kim André; Samimi, Cyrus
Realities and myths of the Teresken Syndrome : An evaluation of the exploitation of dwarf shrub ...
In: Journal of Environmental Management Bd. 132 (2014) . - S. 49-59
http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S ...

Mislimshoeva, Bunafsha; Hable, Robert; Fezakov, Manuchehr; Samimi, Cyrus; Abdulnazarov, Abdulnazar; Koellner, Thomas
Factors influencing households' firewood consumption in the Western Pamirs, Tajikistan
In: Mountain Research and Development Bd. 34 (2014) Heft 2. - S. 147-156
doi:10.1659/MRD-JOURNAL-D-13-00113.1 ...

Brandt, Martin; Verger, Aleixandre; Diouf, Abdoul Aziz; Baret, Frédéric; Samimi, Cyrus
Local vegetation trends in the sahel of Mali and Senegal using long time series FAPAR satellite ...
In: Remote Sensing Bd. 6 (2014) Heft 3. - S. 2408-2434
doi:10.3390/rs6032408 ...

Brandt, Martin; Grau, Tobias; Mbow, Cheikh; Samimi, Cyrus
Modeling Soil and Woody Vegetation in the Senegalese Sahel in the Context of Environmental Chan ...
In: Land Bd. 3 (2014) Heft 3. - S. 770-792
doi:10.3390/land3030770 ...

Vanselow, Kim André; Samimi, Cyrus
Predictive Mapping of Dwarf Shrub Vegetation in an Arid High Mountain Ecosystem Using Remote Se ...
In: Remote Sensing Bd. 6 (2014) Heft 7. - S. 6709-6726
doi:10.3390/rs6076709 ...

Mislimshoeva, Bunafsha; Samimi, Cyrus; Kirchhoff, Joachim-F.; Koellner, Thomas
Analysis of costs and people's willingness to enroll in forest rehabilitation in Gorno Badakhsh ...
In: Forest Policy and Economics Bd. 37 (2013) . - S. 75-83
doi:10.1016/j.forpol.2012.12.001 ...

Brandt, Martin; Paeth, Heiko; Samimi, Cyrus
Vegetationsveränderungen in Westafrika im Spiegel des Klimawandels und der Landnutzung
In: Geographische Rundschau Bd. 65 (2013) Heft 9. - S. 36-42

Samimi, Cyrus; Fink, Andreas H.; Paeth, Heiko
The 2007 flood in the Sahel : Causes, characteristics and its presentation in the media and FEW ...
In: Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Bd. 12 (2012) Heft 2. - S. 313-325
doi:10.5194/nhess-12-313-2012 ...

Vanselow, Kim André; Kraudzun, Tobias; Samimi, Cyrus
Grazing practices and pasture tenure in the Eastern Pamirs : The nexus of pasture use, pasture ...
In: Mountain Research and Development Bd. 32 (2012) Heft 3. - S. 324-336
doi:10.1659/MRD-JOURNAL-D-12-00001.1 ...

Koller, Ralf; Samimi, Cyrus
Deforestation in the Miombo woodlands : A pixel-based semi-automated change detection method
In: International Journal of Remote Sensing Bd. 32 (2011) Heft 22. - S. 7631-7649
doi:10.1080/01431161.2010.527390 ...

Zech, Michael; Bimüller, Carolin; Hemp, Andreas; Samimi, Cyrus; Broesike, Christina; Hörold, Claudia; Zech, Wolfgang
Human and climate impact on 15N natural abundance of plants and soils in high-mountain ecosyste ...
In: Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Bd. 47 (2011) Heft 3. - S. 286-296
doi:10.1080/10256016.2011.596277 ...

Paeth, Heiko; Fink, Andreas H.; Pohle, Susan; Keis, Felix; Mächel, Hermann; Samimi, Cyrus
Meteorological characteristics and potential causes of the 2007 flood in sub-Saharan Africa
In: International Journal of Climatology Bd. 31 (2011) Heft 13. - S. 1908-1926
doi:10.1002/joc.2199 ...

Krüger, Fred; Samimi, Cyrus
Entwicklung und Umwelt im südlichen Afrika
In: Geographische Rundschau Bd. 62 (2010) Heft 6. - S. 4-10

Hassler, Sybille K.; Kreyling, Jürgen; Beierkuhnlein, Carl; Eisold, Jenny; Samimi, Cyrus; Wagenseil, Hendrik; Jentsch, Anke
Vegetation pattern divergence between dry and wet season in a semiarid savanna - Spatio-tempora ...
In: Journal of Arid Environments Bd. 74 (2010) Heft 11. - S. 1516-1524
doi:10.1016/j.jaridenv.2010.05.021 ...

Brandt, Martin; Bäumler, Rupert; Samimi, Cyrus
Agricultural suitability of dune system and Limpopo Basin soils near Xai-Xai, Mozambique
In: South African Journal of Plant and Soil Bd. 26 (2009) Heft 4. - S. 206-212
doi:10.1080/02571862.2009.10639956 ...

Kraus, Tanja; Schmidt, Michael; Dech, Stefan W.; Samimi, Cyrus
The potential of optical high resolution data for the assessment of leaf area index in East Afr ...
In: International Journal of Remote Sensing Bd. 30 (2009) Heft 19. - S. 5039-5059
doi:10.1080/01431160903022878 ...

Wagenseil, Hendrik; Samimi, Cyrus
Woody vegetation cover in Namibian savannahs : A modelling approach based on remote sensing
In: Erdkunde Bd. 61 (2007) Heft 4. - S. 325-334
doi:10.3112/erdkunde.2007.04.03 ...

Wagenseil, Hendrik; Samimi, Cyrus
Assessing spatio-temporal variations in plant phenology using Fourier analysis on NDVI time ser ...
In: International Journal of Remote Sensing Bd. 27 (2006) Heft 16. - S. 3455-3471
doi:10.1080/01431160600639743 ...

Samimi, Cyrus; Krüger, Fred
Miombo - Ökologische und soziale Veränderungen im größten Trockenwald der Erde
In: Geographische Rundschau Bd. 58 (2006) Heft 10. - S. 40-47

Samimi, Cyrus; Nüsser, Marcus
Visionen der Vernetzung von Schutzgebieten im südlichen Afrika
In: Natur und Landschaft Bd. 81 (2006) Heft 4. - S. 185-192

Samimi, Cyrus; Kraus, Tanja
Biomass estimation using Landsat-TM and -ETM+ : Towards a regional model for Southern Africa?
In: GeoJournal Bd. 59 (2004) Heft 3. - S. 177-187
doi:10.1023/B:GEJO.0000026688.74589.58 ...

Kraus, Tanja; Samimi, Cyrus
Biomass estimation for land use management and fire management using Landsat-TM and -ETM+
In: Erdkunde Bd. 56 (2002) Heft 2. - S. 130-143


Beiträge in Zeitschriften (nicht begutachtet)

Obermaier, Gabriele; Samimi, Cyrus
Transnationale Schutzgebiete im südlichen Afrika
In: Praxis Geographie Bd. 45 (2015) Heft 4. - S. 24-27
http://www.praxisgeographie.de/heft/61150400/Ausga ...

Romankiewicz, Clemens; Samimi, Cyrus; Brandt, Martin; Spiekermann, Raphael
Detecting environmental change using time series, high resolution imagery and field work : a ca ...
In: Geophysical Research Abstracts Bd. 14 (2012)
http://www.micle-project.net/uploads/media/egu_pos ...


Beiträge in Sammelbänden (begutachtet)

Vanselow, Kim André; Zandler, Harald; Samimi, Cyrus
Methods of Assessing Vegetation Dynamics and Pasture Potentials in High Mountain Regions
Novel Methods and Results of Landscape Research in Europe, Central Asia and Siberia. Vol. III. Landscape Monitoring and Modelling
Moscow , 2018. - S. 209-213
doi:10.25680/1490.2018.71.71.003 ...

Glade, Thomas; Bell, Rainer; Dobesberger, Paul; Embleton-Hamann, Christine; Fromm, Reinhard; Fuchs, Sven; Hagen, Karl; Hübl, Johannes; Lieb, Gerhard; Otto, Jan-Christoph; Perzl, Frank; Peticzka, Robert; Prager, Christoph; Samimi, Cyrus; Sass, Oliver; Schöner, Wolfgang; Schröter, Dagmar; Schrott, Lothar; Zangerl, Christian; Zeidler, Antonia
Der Einfluss des Klimawandels auf die Reliefsphäre
Österreichischer Sachstandsbericht Klimawandel 2014 = Austrian Assessment Report 2014 (AAR14): Austrian Panel on Climate Change (APCC)
Wien : Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2014. - S. 557-600

Vanselow, Kim André; Kraudzun, Tobias; Samimi, Cyrus
Land stewardship in practice : An example from the Eastern pamirs of Tajikistan
Rangeland Stewardship in Central Asia : balancing improved livelihoods, biodiversity conservation and land protection
Dordrecht; Heidelberg, New York; London : Springer, 2012. - S. 71-90
doi:10.1007/978-94-007-5367-9_4 ...


Beiträge in Sammelbänden (nicht begutachtet)

Samimi, Cyrus
Klimatologischer Überblick
Die Physische Geographie Deutschlands
Darmstadt : WBG (Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft), 2017. - S. 167-179

Samimi, Cyrus
Aktuelle Tendenzen des Klimawandels
Folgen des Klimawandels
Bayreuth : Verlag Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Bayreuth e.V., 2015. - S. 7-24 . - (Bayreuther Kontaktstudium Geographie; 8)

Kastler, Bernadette; Samimi, Cyrus
The Impact of "Robinia pseudoacacia" on Ground Vegetation and Plant Nutrient Matter in Donau-Au ...
5th Symposium for Research in Protected Areas: 10-12 June 2013, Mittersill ; conference volume
Mittersill : Hohe Tauern National Park Salzburg, 2013. - S. 345-352
http://www.landesmuseum.at/pdf_frei_remote/NP-Hohe ...

Kraus, Tanja; Schmidt, Michael; Dech, Stefan W.; Samimi, Cyrus
Combination of remote sensing and in situ measurements for a detailed assessment of biophysical ...
2009 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium : IGARSS 2009; Proceedings. Band 3
Piscataway : IEEE, 2009. - S. 326-329
doi:10.1109/IGARSS.2009.5417766 ...

Fakultät für Biologie, Chemie und Geowissenschaften

Prof. Dr. Cyrus Samimi

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