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Optimism & Courage – Kein Platz für Angsthasen

Am 27. Juni 2019 kommt der DLD Campus wieder an die Universität Bayreuth.
Zum dritten Mal und mit Neuerungen – so kehrt der DLD Campus an die Universität Bayreuth zurück. Eingebettet wird die Innovationskonferenz erstmals in die ‚DigiDays@UBT‘, eine Reihe von Veranstaltungen der Wirtschaftsinformatik und der Medienwissenschaft, die jedem offen stehen.

Steffi Czerny

DLD-Gründerin und Hochschulratsmitglied

„Statt in Schockstarre zu verharren, müssen wir selbst mit anpacken und die Welt optimistisch mitgestalten. Dazu brauchen wir Mut!“

„Wer die Zukunft nur als dunkle Mischung aus Überwachung durch Technik, Verlust von Privatsphäre, Menschen überflüssig machende Maschinen, Klimakatastrophen und geopolitischem Kräftemessen sieht, lässt sich von Angst und Pessimismus treiben“, stellt Steffi Czerny fest. Sie ist DLD-Gründerin, Hochschulratsmitglied der Uni Bayreuth und Optimistin. „Statt in Schockstarre zu verharren, müssen wir selbst mit anpacken und die Welt optimistisch mitgestalten. Dazu brauchen wir Mut!“ Wo, wenn nicht an einer Universität, wo junge Menschen am Anfang ihres Berufslebens stehen, wo schlaue Köpfe forschen und diverse Teams die Fragen der Gesellschaft zu beantworten suchen, finden sich die mutigsten Menschen? „Deshalb freue ich mich, die DLD-Familie erneut nach Bayreuth zu bringen“, sagt Steffi Czerny.

Was ihr als Thema besonders am Herzen liegt: Afrika. „Wir sollten Afrika auf unserem Radar haben! Der riesige Kontinent steht nicht nur kurz davor, zur neuen Werkbank der Welt zu werden. Er ist auch ein hervorragendes Beispiel für Optimismus und Mut trotz vieler Herausforderungen.“ Schon beim Flagship-DLD in München (19. bis 21. Januar 2019) war das Innovationspotenzial des Kontinents wichtiges Thema. Fortgesetzt wird dies beim DLD Campus auch mit Partnern des Bayreuther Exzellenzclusters Africa Multiple.

Themen des DLD Campus am 27. Juni 2019:

  • Managing Uncertainty: Strategies for dealing with digital transformation
  • Africa: The next big thing?
  • The German Mittelstand: Markets, business & investment models of the future
  • Leadership in the digital age
  • How to successfully grow a business: The new generation of European Entrepreneurs
  • Food: Eat the future!
  • Bye bye plastic: Climate change, sustainability and preserving nature as our most valuable resource
  • Future mobility: From electric vehicles and improved batteries to autonomous driving and space exploration
  • The latest wave of digital disruption becomes real: Additive manufacturing, robotics, the industrial internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and more

Speaker Profiles


Judith Gerlach

Bavarian State Ministery for Digital Affairs

„A copy of the analogue world is no longer sufficient to meet the challenges of digital transformation. We have to think further, we have to think bigger."

Katharina Schulze

Chairwoman in the Bavarian state parliament, Die Grünen

„Our digitized Bavaria should be free, secure, fair and sustainable.“

Brigitte Merk-Erbe

Oberbürgermeisterin Stadt Bayreuth

Stefan Leible

President of the University of Bayreuth

Stefan Leible has published more than 300 articles and has written and edited more than 50 books.

David Hanson

Founder of Hanson Robotics Inc.

„We need to consider that the human-centric interface is the future of AI along with bio-inspired technology and bio-inspired engineering. We are humanising the machines so that they are more meaningful and bring value to our lives”

Jennifer Schenker

Founder of The Innovator

In 2015 and 2016 she was voted one of the 50 most inspiring women in technology in Europe. In 2018 she was named in Forbes list of 30 women leaders disrupting tech in France.

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

Professor of Comparative Literature,
French and Italien at Stanford University

„Perhaps soon Artificial Intelligence will solve all human problems - either with the kind support of Homo sapiens sapiens or, radically and more simply, by abolishing it."

Andreas Kunze

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of KONUX

In 2016, he was the youngest CEO to be on the “40 under 40 entrepreneurs" list by Capital Magazine. In early 2017, he got selected among Forbes' “Top 30 under 30 - Europe

Christian Laforsch

Chair of Animal Ecology I, Faculty of Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciencesat University of Bayreuth

„It is not the plastic itself, but our handling of it that turns the material into a problem.“

Dr. Jörg Liebe

Senior Director Digital Innovations at Lufthansa Group

Dr. Liebe has over 13 years of experience in the airline IT industry. He started his career with Lufthansa Systems in 1999. One of his first projects was the product development for the Lufthansa Group’s virtual private network (VPN).

Maks Giordano

Managing Partner & Co-Founder at kreait

„In a future in which KI is gaining more and more importance, creativity is the good that makes us human beings necessary.“

Patrick Boos

Managing Director of the BAUR-Gruppe

„Digital competence on its own is not enough. We have to become faster and more agile in order to implement projects quickly and react to trends at an early stage.“

Sven Gold

TV Host Moderator & Coach

Sven Gold is a German-born TV host, producer and professional coach for pitching and presenting, currently one of the faces at Germanys biggest TV Station ProSiebenSat1.

Martin Wippermann

Managing Director Automotive at Rehau

“The car itself will become less of a status symbol. The up-and-coming generation won’t want to drive big, elegant cars from point a to point b, but will prefer instead the quickest, most cost and energy-efficient transportation.”

Terry von Bibra

General Manager Europe at Alibaba Group

Terry previously played a pivotal role in establishing Amazon in Europe, where he led online marketing and business development for more than five years.

Frank Kühne

Hauptgesellschafter der RAPS GmbH & Co. KG

Frank Kühne heads the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung, one of the largest foundations in Northern Bavaria, which is committed to supporting social projects in the region and research projects in the food industry. In addition, he invests in a large number of young companies in the food industry.

Gudrun Herrmann

Director Communications DACH bei ByteDance (TikTok, NewsRepublic)

"The currency on the Internet is personality," says Gudrun Herrmann about a good performance by managers in the social media.

Philipp Zimmermann

CEO bei Franka Emika

We are guided by the vision of turning robots into a generally accessible multifunctional tool. Our robot Panda is primarily made for use in human environments and can support them in tasks without endangering them.

Wolfgang Kerler

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief 1E9 Denkfabrik

"Discussions on the social networks are becoming more aggressive. Newsrooms stressed by click-throughs have no time for their readership. And conferences feel like frontal teaching at school. Common visions for a better future cannot emerge in this climate."

Herbert Mangesius

Founding Member Vito Ventures

He conducted research at leading European institutions in Paris, Louvain and Munich at the interface between engineering sciences, physics and cybernetics.

Dirk Treiber

Dirk Treiber

CEO, Medi

„The world of work is changing. Important success factors for the company are digitality and networked, interdisciplinary work in order to make cooperation and knowledge transfer more agile and flexible.“



Patrick Bernau

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

„The country that assures supremacy in artificial intelligence will rule the entire world.“

Nick Lin-Hi

Nick Lin-Hi

Chair of Economics and Ethics at Universität Vechta

The business economist has made a substantial contribution to shaping the German CSR landscape. His research is characterized by a high degree of application orientation and is aimed at making a contribution to sustainable development

Ute Weiland

Ute Weiland

Managing Director, Deutschland - Land der Ideen

„Many challenges of our time, such as affordable living space, emission-free mobility or environmentally friendly product cycles, demand not only political and economic but also creative design answers.“

Patrick Danzer

Michael Danzer

Chair of Electrical Energy Systems at Universität Bayreuth

Michael Danzer is an Energy and Control Engineer. His specialties are renewable energy, fuel cell, control engineering, efficiency, mathematical modelling, optimization and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.


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Impressionen aus dem Jahr 2019

Einblicke in die DLD Campus Innovationskonferenz 2019 erhalten Sie hier. Und hier finden Sie die Vorträge und Diskussionen als Videos.


Steffi Czerny und Stefan Leible zum DLD Campus 2018 in Bayreuth: Video-Clip.

DigiDays an der Uni Bayreuth

Eingebettet wird die Innovationskonferenz erstmals in die ‚DigiDays@UBT‘, eine Reihe von Veranstaltungen der Wirtschaftsinformatik und der Medienwissenschaft, die jedem offen stehen.

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