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05.09.2017 University of Bayreuth once again in the Champions League – new THE Ranking published ...mehr
01.09.2017 The University of Bayreuth enjoys an outstanding reputation among scholars abroad ...mehr
24.08.2017 Cutting-edge technology: research on new drugs at gigahertz magnetic field at the University of Bayreuth ...mehr
17.08.2017 A heart made of spider silk ...mehr
31.07.2017 Transport of carbon to the earth’s interior: researchers in Bayreuth discover highly stable carbonate structures ...mehr
21.07.2017 Networks instead of self-reliance: meadow orchids surprise researchers in Bayreuth ...mehr
10.07.2017 CIO: Businesses not equipped for digitization ...mehr
07.07.2017 Bayreuth International Summer School on contemporary scientifical issues  ...mehr
26.06.2017 Heightened risk in rice? Bayreuth researchers discover the toxicity of thioarsenates for plants ...mehr
20.06.2017 Tropical viruses: coming soon to Europe? Researchers in Bayreuth are investigating the impact of climate change ...mehr
12.06.2017 High-pressure researchers in Bayreuth solve meteorite mystery ...mehr
01.06.2017 Renowned speakers, stimulating workshops: DLD Campus on 21 June 2017 ...mehr
11.05.2017 Economic communities in Africa: The University of Bayreuth explores future perspectives ...mehr
08.05.2017 Top marks for the University of Bayreuth in the CHE Ranking: frontrunner in law and economics ...mehr
24.04.2017 Innovators, Pioneers and Visionaries Welcome! Digital Conference DLD Campus at the University of Bayreuth ...mehr
19.04.2017 Three-Dimensional Images of a Network of the Smallest Blood Vessels: A New High-Resolution Process in Bayreuth ...mehr
07.04.2017 Better than nature: artificial biofilm from Bayreuth increases energy production in microbial fuel cells ...mehr
05.04.2017 One of the best young universities: top position for the University of Bayreuth in worldwide THE ranking ...mehr
15.03.2017 New asset for master’s programme Computer Game Studies: “Game Innovation Lab” at the University of Bayreuth ...mehr
07.03.2017 Malaria Treatment: Soon to be Simpler, More Flexible, and More Efficient? ...mehr
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