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24.05.2018 DLD Campus: The Digital Elite will meet once again at the University of Bayreuth on 12th July 2018 ...more
08.05.2018 CHE Ranking: Top ratings for the University of Bayreuth in the natural sciences, Earth sciences, mathematics, and sport ...more
03.05.2018 Producing astronaut food in space: experiments from Bayreuth on board a Blue Origin flight ...more
16.04.2018 Geoscientist in Bayreuth awarded Europe's highest research prize ...more
06.04.2018 The motor neuron disease ALS: biologists in Bayreuth discover impaired cellular self-cleaning ...more
05.04.2018 Plastic in organic waste: a challenge for the ecological recycling economy ...more
03.04.2018 Africa in the 1980s: the University of Bayreuth's Iwalewahaus opens a new exhibition ...more
29.03.2018 Chaos that will keep you warm: Bayreuth researchers improve heat insulation using deliberate chaos ...more
23.03.2018 Making monitors brighter: researchers in Bayreuth discover a way to control the colour of OLEDs ...more
22.03.2018 The University of Bayreuth links up with Australia – the next steps ...more
15.03.2018 Microplastics in rivers: The University of Bayreuth provides basis for new study from five German states ...more
14.03.2018 Mountains become islands: ecological dangers of increasing land use in East Africa ...more
01.03.2018 Bayreuth chemist gains membership to prestigious “Young Academy” ...more
27.02.2018 Precisely controlling plastic particles: Bayreuth physicists find unusual colloids ...more
23.02.2018 In a network of tiny blood vessels: virtual exploratory tours with new software from Bayreuth ...more
15.02.2018 Protein building blocks for medical diagnosis: researchers in Bayreuth seek to accurately detect pathogens ...more
14.02.2018 Smart and comfortable: new textiles for high-tech clothing developed in Bayreuth ...more
08.02.2018 Innovative research infrastructure with a global reputation: the Northern Bavarian NRM Centre repositions itself ...more
06.02.2018 Reclassifying Earth’s tropical forests: Bayreuth scientist researching Kilimanjaro contributes to international study ...more
25.01.2018 Deep insights from diamonds: researchers in Bayreuth discover oxidation processes in the Earth’s interior ...more
10.01.2018 Research prize: Bayreuth ecologist investigates the long-term effects of acid rain ...more
04.01.2018 Bayreuth researcher in Brussels: "Spaced" reveals potential of Earth observation for nature conservation ...more
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