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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Lichtenberg-Juniorprofessur for Polymer Systems

Job History

Since 01/2014

Lichtenberg-Juniorprofessor for Polymer Systems, W1, University of Bayreuth

Since 08/2012

Juniorprofessor for Polymer Systems, University of Bayreuth


01/2012 – 07/2012

Feodor-Lynen return fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation, University of Bayreuth

07/2009 – 10/2011

Postdoc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA

10/2006 – 06/2009

PhD, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz


Diploma in chemistry (thesis with Prof. A.H.E. Müller), University of Bayreuth


Research abroad (6 months) at the Key Center for Polymer Colloids, Sydney, Australia

2001– 2006

Study of Polymer- and Colloid chemistry, University of Bayreuth

Awards and other responsibilities

2016ERC starting grant


Lichtenberg professorship from the Volkswagen foundation (awarded)


Feodor Lynen return fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation

2009 – 2011

Feodor Lynen fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation

2007 – 2009

Kekulé mobility scholarship from the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (VCI)


Otto Warburg-Chemie-Stiftung award for the best chemistry diploma at the University of Bayreuth

2006 – 2008

participant of the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS)


participant at the 55. noble laureate meeting in Lindau, Deutschland

2001 – 2009

scholar of e-fellows.net

2001 – 2006

scholar of the „Bayrischen Begabtenförderung“

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Lichtenberg-Juniorprofessur for Polymer Systems

The properties of structured polymers and colloids constitute the research focus of the group of Prof. Dr. Retsch.

Specifically, we are interested in:

  • Colloidal Self-Assembly:
    Particle synthesis, self-assembly in 2D and 3D, phoXonic crystals
  • Plasmonic nanostructure:
    Nanosphere lithography, hexagonal, periodic arrays, nanomeshes, implementation into photovoltaics, plasmon hybridization
  • Templated structures:
    Inverse opals, porous materials, silica hollow spheres
  • Thermal transport in mesoscopic systems:
    Thermal transport in thin films, hybrid systems, method developement, influence of interfaces and phase transitions, directed and anisotropic thermal transport
  • Nanophotonics
    Nanostructuring of dielectric materials, emission, absorption, and scattering in the mid-IR regime

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Lichtenberg-Juniorprofessur for Polymer Systems

Selected publications


Nellist, Michael R.; Chen, Yikai; Mark, Andreas; Gödrich, Sebastian; Stelling, Christian; Jiang, Jingjing; Poddar, Rakesh; Li, Chunzeng; Kumar, Ravi; Papastavrou, Georg; Retsch, Markus; Brunschwig, Bruce S.; Huang, Zhuangqun; Xiang, Chengxiang; Boettcher, Shannon W.
Atomic force microscopy with nanoelectrode tips for high resolution electrochemical, nanoadhesi ...
in Nanotechnology volume 28 (2017) issue 9. - page 095711
doi:10.1088/1361-6528/aa5839 ...

Stelling, Christian; Singh, Chetan R.; Karg, Matthias; König, Tobias A. F.; Thelakkat, Mukundan; Retsch, Markus
Plasmonic nanomeshes : their ambivalent role as transparent electrodes in organic solar cells
in Scientific Reports volume 7 (2017)
doi:10.1038/srep42530 ...

Volk, Kirsten; Fitzgerald, Joseph; Ruckdeschel, Pia; Retsch, Markus; König, Tobias A. F.; Karg, Matthias
Reversible Tuning of Visible Wavelength Surface Lattice Resonances in Self-Assembled Hybrid Mon ...
in Advanced Optical Materials volume 5 (2017) issue 9. - page 1600971
doi:10.1002/adom.201600971 ...


Singh, Chetan R.; Honold, Tobias; Gujar, Tanaji P.; Retsch, Markus; Fery, Andreas; Karg, Matthias; Thelakkat, Mukundan
The role of colloidal plasmonic nanostructures in organic solar cells
in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics volume 18 (2016) issue 33. - page 23155-23163
doi:10.1039/C6CP04451D ...

Stelling, Christian; Mark, Andreas; Papastavrou, Georg; Retsch, Markus
Showing particles their place : deterministic colloid immobilization by gold nanomeshes
in Nanoscale volume 8 (2016) issue 30. - page 14556-14564
doi:10.1039/C6NR03113G ...

Honold, Tobias; Volk, Kirsten; Retsch, Markus; Karg, Matthias
Binary plasmonic honeycomb structures : High-resolution EDX mapping and optical properties
in Colloids and Surfaces A : Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (2016)
doi:10.1016/j.colsurfa.2016.06.040 ...

Yao, Yang; Ruckdeschel, Pia; Graf, Robert; Butt, Hans-Jürgen; Retsch, Markus; Floudas, George
Homogeneous Nucleation of Ice Confined in Hollow Silica Spheres
in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B volume 120 (2016)
doi:10.1021/acs.jpcb.6b11053 ...

Ruckdeschel, Pia; Dulle, Martin; Honold, Tobias; Förster, Stephan; Karg, Matthias; Retsch, Markus
Monodisperse hollow silica spheres : an in-depth scattering analysis
in Nano Research volume 9 (2016) issue 5. - page 1366-1376
doi:10.1007/s12274-016-1032-y ...

Chau, Mokit; Kopera, Bernd A. F.; Machado, Vanessa; Tehrani, Sepehr Mastour; Winnik, Mitchell A.; Kumacheva, Eugenia; Retsch, Markus
Reversible transition between isotropic and anisotropic thermal transport in elastic polyuretha ...
in Materials Horizons (2016)
doi:10.1039/C6MH00495D ...


Volk, Kirsten; Fitzgerald, Joseph; Retsch, Markus; Karg, Matthias
Time-Controlled Colloidal Superstructures : Long-Range Plasmon Resonance Coupling in Particle M ...
in Advanced Materials volume 27 (2015) issue 45. - page 7332-7337
doi:10.1002/adma.201503672 ...

Nutz, Fabian A.; Ruckdeschel, Pia; Retsch, Markus
Polystyrene Colloidal Crystals : Interface Controlled Thermal Conductivity in an Open-Porous Me ...
in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science volume 457 (2015) . - page 96-101
doi:10.1016/j.jcis.2015.06.022 ...

Vogel, Nicolas; Retsch, Markus; Fustin, Charles-André; del Campo, Aránzazu; Jonas, Ulrich
Advances in Colloidal Assembly : The Design of Structure and Hierarchy in Two and Three Dimensi ...
in Chemical reviews volume 115 (2015) issue 13. - page 6265-6311
doi:10.1021/cr400081d ...

Karg, Matthias; König, Tobias A. F.; Retsch, Markus; Stelling, Christian; Reichstein, Paul M.; Honold, Tobias; Thelakkat, Mukundan; Fery, Andreas
Colloidal self-assembly concepts for light management in photovoltaics
in Materials Today volume 18 (2015) issue 4. - page 185 - 205
doi:10.1016/j.mattod.2014.10.036 ...

Ruckdeschel, Pia; Kemnitzer, Tobias; Nutz, Fabian A.; Senker, Jürgen; Retsch, Markus
Hollow silica sphere colloidal crystals : insights into calcination dependent thermal transport
in Nanoscale volume 7 (2015) issue 22. - page 10059-10070
doi:10.1039/C5NR00435G ...


Karg, Matthias; König, Tobias A. F.; Retsch, Markus; Stelling, Christian; Reichstein, Paul M.; Honold, Tobias; Thelakkat, Mukundan; Fery, Andreas
Colloidal self-assembly concepts for light management in photovoltaics
in Materials Today (2014)
doi:10.1016/j.mattod.2014.10.036 ...


Retsch, Markus; Jonas, Ulrich
Hierarchically Structured, Double‐Periodic Inverse Composite Opals
in Advanced Functional Materials volume 23 (2013) issue 43. - page 5381-5389
doi:10.1002/adfm.201300803 ...


Yin, Jie; Retsch, Markus; Thomas, Edwin L; Boyce, Mary C
Collective mechanical behavior of multilayer colloidal arrays of hollow nanoparticles
in Langmuir volume 28 (2012) issue 13. - page 5580-5588
doi:10.1021/la300039v ...

Liu, Ting; Pihan, Sascha; Roth, Marcel; Retsch, Markus; Jonas, Ulrich; Gutmann, Jochen S.; Koynov, Kaloian; Butt, Hans-Jürgen; Berger, Rüdiger
Frequency Response of Polymer Films Made from a Precursor Colloidal Monolayer on a Nanomechanic ...
in Macromolecules volume 45 (2012) issue 2. - page 862-871
doi:10.1021/ma202396h ...

Lee, Jae-Hwang; Veysset, David; Singer, Jonathan P; Retsch, Markus; Saini, Gagan; Pezeril, Thomas; Nelson, Keith A; Thomas, Edwin L
High strain rate deformation of layered nanocomposites
in Nature Communications volume 3 (2012) . - page 1164
doi:10.1038/ncomms2166 ...

Kirkeminde, Alec; Retsch, Markus; Wang, Qian; Xu, Guowei; Hui, Rongqing; Wu, Judy; Ren, Shenqiang
Surface-passivated plasmonic nano-pyramids for bulk heterojunction solar cell photocurrent enha ...
in Nanoscale volume 4 (2012) issue 15. - page 4421-4425
doi:10.1039/C2NR30735A ...

Rettler, Erik F.-J.; Rudolph, Tobias; Hanisch, Andreas; Hoeppener, Stephanie; Retsch, Markus; Schubert, Ulrich Sigmar; Schacher, Felix H.
UV-induced crosslinking of the polybutadiene domains in lamellar polystyrene-block-polybutadien ...
in Polymer volume 53 (2012) issue 25. - page 5641-5648
doi:10.1016/j.polymer.2012.09.054 ...


Raccis, Riccardo; Nikoubashman, Arash; Retsch, Markus; Jonas, Ulrich; Koynov, Kaloian; Butt, Hans-Jürgen; Likos, Christos N; Fytas, George
Confined diffusion in periodic porous nanostructures
in ACS Nano volume 5 (2011) issue 6. - page 4607-4616
doi:10.1021/nn200767x ...

Yin, Jie; Retsch, Markus; Lee, Jae-Hwang; Thomas, Edwin L; Boyce, Mary C
Mechanics of nanoindentation on a monolayer of colloidal hollow nanoparticles
in Langmuir volume 27 (2011) issue 17. - page 10492-10500
doi:10.1021/la2018117 ...

Vogel, Nicolas; Fischer, Janina; Mohammadi, Reza; Retsch, Markus; Butt, Hans-Jürgen; Landfester, Katharina; Weiss, Clemens K.; Kreiter, Maximilian
Plasmon hybridization in stacked double crescents arrays fabricated by colloidal lithography
in Nano Letters volume 11 (2011) issue 2. - page 446-454
doi:10.1021/nl103120s ...

Retsch, Markus; Schmelzeisen, Marcus; Butt, Hans-Jürgen; Thomas, Edwin L
Visible Mie scattering in nonabsorbing hollow sphere powders
in Nano Letters volume 11 (2011) issue 3. - page 1389-1394
doi:10.1021/nl2002445 ...


Vogel, Nicolas; Jung, Mathieu; Bocchio, Noelia; Retsch, Markus; Kreiter, Maximilian; Köper, Ingo
Reusable localized surface plasmon sensors based on ultrastable nanostructures
in Small volume 6 (2010) issue 1. - page 104-109
doi:10.1002/smll.200900497 ...

van den Brom, Coenraad R.; Anac, Ilke; Roskamp, Robert F.; Retsch, Markus; Jonas, Ulrich; Menges, Bernhard; Preece, Jon A.
The swelling behaviour of thermoresponsive hydrogel/silica nanoparticle composites
in Journal of Materials Chemistry volume 20 (2010) . - page 4827-4839
doi:10.1039/B927314J ...

Retsch, Markus; Dostert, Karl-Heinz; Nett, Sebastian K.; Vogel, Nicolas; Gutmann, Jochen S.; Jonas, Ulrich
Template-free structuring of colloidal hetero-monolayers by inkjet printing and particle floati ...
in Soft Matter volume 6 (2010) issue 11. - page 2403-2412
doi:10.1039/C001306D ...

Cherdhirankorn, Thipphaya; Retsch, Markus; Jonas, Ulrich; Butt, Hans-Jürgen; Koynov, Kaloian
Tracer diffusion in silica inverse opals
in Langmuir volume 26 (2010) issue 12. - page 10141-10146
doi:10.1021/la1002572 ...

Still, Tim; Retsch, Markus; Jonas, Ulrich; Sainidou, Rebecca; Rembert, Pascal; Mpoukouvalas, Konstantinos; Fytas, George
Vibrational eigenfrequencies and mechanical properties of mesoscopic copolymer latex particles
in Macromolecules volume 43 (2010) issue 7. - page 3422-3428
doi:10.1021/ma1001589 ...


Retsch, Markus; Zhou, Zuocheng; Rivera, Sergio; Kappl, Michael; Zhao, Xiu Song; Jonas, Ulrich; Li, Qin
Fabrication of Large-Area, Transferable Colloidal Monolayers Utilizing Self-Assembly at the Air ...
in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics volume 210 (2009) issue 3-4. - page 230-241
doi:10.1002/macp.200800484 ...

Vogel, Nicolas; Jung, Mathieu; Retsch, Markus; Knoll, Wolfgang; Jonas, Ulrich; Köper, Ingo
Laterally patterned ultraflat surfaces
in Small volume 5 (2009) issue 7. - page 821-825
doi:10.1002/smll.200801583 ...

Retsch, Markus; Tamm, Matthias; Bocchio, Noelia; Horn, Natalie; Förch, Renate; Jonas, Ulrich; Kreiter, Maximilian
Parallel Preparation of Densely Packed Arrays of 150-nm Gold-Nanocrescent Resonators in Three D ...
in Small volume 5 (2009) issue 18. - page 2105-2110
doi:10.1002/smll.200900162 ...

Li, Qin; Retsch, Markus; Wang, Jianjun; Knoll, Wolfgang; Jonas, Ulrich
Porous networks through colloidal templates
Broekmann, Peter ; Dötz, Karl-Heinz ; Schalley, Christoph A. (Hrsg.): Templates in Chemistry III
Berlin : Springer, 2009. - page 135-180 . - (Topics in Current Chemistry; 187)
doi:10.1007/128_2008_3 ...


Still, Tim; Cheng, W.; Retsch, Markus; Jonas, Ulrich; Fytas, George
Colloidal systems : a promising material class for tailoring sound propagation at high frequenc ...
in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter volume 20 (2008) issue 40. - page 404203
doi:10.1088/0953-8984/20/40/404203 ...

Still, Tim; Sainidou, Rebecca; Retsch, Markus; Jonas, Ulrich; Spahn, Peter; Hellmann, G. P.; Fytas, George
The "Music" of Core-Shell Spheres and Hollow Capsules : Influence of the Architecture on the Me ...
in Nano Letters volume 8 (2008) issue 10. - page 3194-3199
doi:10.1021/nl801500n ...

Still, Tim; Cheng, W.; Retsch, Markus; Sainidou, Rebecca; Wang, Jianjun; Jonas, Ulrich; Stefanou, Nikolaos; Fytas, George
Simultaneous occurrence of structure-directed and particle-resonance-induced phononic gaps in c ...
in Physical Review Letters volume 100 (2008) issue 19. - page 194301
doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.100.194301 ...

Retsch, Markus; Walther, Andreas; Loos, Katja; Müller, Axel H. E.
Synthesis of dense poly (acrylic acid) brushes and their interaction with amine-functional sils ...
in Langmuir volume 24 (2008) issue 17. - page 9421-9429
doi:10.1021/la8009767 ...

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Lichtenberg-Juniorprofessur for Polymer Systems

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch

Department of Chemistry

University of Bayreuth
Universitätsstrasse 30
95447 Bayreuth

Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-3920
E-mail: markus.retsch@uni-bayreuth.de
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