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Woman at the University of  Bayreuth

Top position for the University of Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth has come in at number 29 in the Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings, placing it among the 30 best young universities in the world. The ranking includes the 200 best universities that are 50 years old or younger.   ...more

University of Bayreuth.

A sport manager? A commercial lawyer? Or a dramaturge?

Interested in studying at one of Germany’s nicest campus universities, but don’t know exactly what or how? No problem! There are no stupid questions!  ...more

Treating malaria

A new procedure for treating malaria

Malaria infections may soon be treated much more efficiently than they are at present. Researchers at the Universities of Bayreuth and Jerusalem have developed a novel drug release procedure for this purpose.  ...more

Summer university 2017

One campus – many cultures

Bayreuth‘s 21th annual Summer University for Intercultural German Studies will get underway on 8 August 2017, transforming the campus into a meeting point for students and degree holders from all over the world. Interested in taking part? Then don’t forget to register by 15 June!  ...more

As Thin as an Atom: a revolutionary semiconductor for electronics

A two-dimensional material developed by Bayreuth physicist Prof. Dr. Axel Enders together with international partners could revolutionize electronics.  ...more

University ranking: law programmes in Bayreuth are top-class

Ranking: law programmes in Bayreuth are top-class

The University of Bayreuth’s law programmes were rated second in the nation in the 2016 university ranking conducted by German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche. The programmes in economics, business administration, and the natural sciences were also placed in the top 20.   ...more

The University of Bayreuth offers attractive prospects. It has earned an international reputation for its uniquely interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching.

A campus full of opportunities

Our unique campus facilitates open communication in study, research, and campus life. It is a place where new ideas are conceived and new friendships and collaborations are forged. ...more

Strong positions in THE rankings

The University of Bayreuth has earned a global position as a strong higher education institution with internationally visible teaching and research. In the World University Ranking, the young campus university ranks among the frontrunners. ...more

Enrol now!

Online enrolment at the University of Bayreuth for Summer Semester 2017 runs from 20 March to 21 April 2017. ...more

Important dates

Stay up-to-date on what’s happening – on our campus, there’s always something going on! All the most important dates and events are just a click away. ...more

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